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Transportation Cuba: rental car, private driver or bus?

Cuba is a unique travel destination. The old American cars, the atmospheric colonial streets, the ever-present salsa music and the varied nature give you the feeling that you’ve arrived on another planet. Cuba is an ideal island to journey through and discover the most beautiful places. What is the best way to do this? That all depends on what you want. You can rent a car, arrange for a private taxi or travel by bus. These are the pros and cons of each option.

Cuba travel blog

Car rental on Cuba

Renting a car on Cuba is great if you want to discover the island on your own. You can decide the route yourself, stop wherever you want and organize your days completely. But travelling with a rental car is also an adventure. The Cuban roads are not always in an equally good condition and you need to pay extra attention while driving. Because the road is not just for cars: people walk along the road, there are carts with horses and oxen, and sometimes a cowboy will gallop past you. Finding the way can also be a challenge, especially if you are trying to locate your casa particular in a larger city. But the freedom that a rental car offers you is a huge advantage. And driving in Cuba is ultimately doable.

Cuba with private taxi and chauffeur

Do you want the benefits that a rental car offers, but prefer to stay clear of the disadvantages? Then travelling with a private taxi and driver who will be at your disposal the entire trip is an ideal solution. You won’t have to search for anything yourself, because the driver knows exactly where to be. And on the way you will have time to enjoy the scenery and of course you can always ask your driver to stop so you can take a picture.

Cuba travel blog

Transfers by private taxi

A cheaper variation to a driver is transfer by private taxi. With this option you can book an individual taxi that will take you from point A to B. You will be picked up at your casa particular and then dropped at the door of your new accommodation. You can book the taxi in advance so that you know exactly when and at what time you will be picked up.

Travel through Cuba by bus

This is the cheapest way to travel around Cuba: by bus! Cuba has touring cars specially for travellers and these buses are air conditioned. A nice option in the warm Cuban climate. Travelling by bus is very relaxing. You won’t have to worry about the route and you do not have to pay attention. Settle into your seat and let the Cuban life pass by you. Very relaxing, because along the Cuban roads there is always a lot to see. From cowboys horseback riding to the most beautiful American cars. And of course, the bus offers an excellent opportunity to exchange travel stories with your fellow travellers.

Cuba travel blog

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