Chile is as diverse as it is long. Discover the endless and unspoiled nature of this beautiful country flanked by the Andes in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Do as the Chileans, discover the local specialties and delights. Immerse yourself in Chile. These are my travel tips.


Try a paila marina and a pisco sour in Santiago Central’s central market
Chile’s coastline covers 6,435 km and the water is fresh from the Humbold Stream, a cold wave stream from Antarctica. These are the ideal conditions for the best and freshest fish and seafood you can imagine. Try a paila marina, a fish / seafood soup in the central market. Let it be preceded by a pisco sour, a divine aperative.

Discover the multicultural neighborhoods of Santiago de Chile
Discover the multicultural and social aspects of Santiago de Chile in a 2-hour hiking tour. You will visit the old Mapoche train station, which is now being used as a cultural centre. You can visit La Vega, Santigo´s foodmarket, on the other side of the Mapoche River. The tour has a lasting touch, as you learn about the environment in Chile and receive an environmentally friendly bag.

chil travel tips

Discover the Andean mountain range in a tour to El Cajon del Maipo
Within two hours of Santiago de Chile you will find glaciers and highlands in the valley of the Maipo River. Deep in the valley, life is rugged and calm. You climb to more than 3,000 metres. From here you can take several hikes to various glaciers. Finish your visit with a traditional Chilean meal with a good glass of carmenere, typical Chilean red wine.

Enjoy the nightlife in the Bellavista
If you’re lucky to spend a friday or saturday night in Santiago de Chile, follow the locals and enjoy live music and the terrace life in the Bellavista district.

The special legacy of Pablo Neruda
Pablo Neruda was Chile’s most famous writer/poet and a devoted collector. He left three houses with a huge treasure of exotic collections: The Isla Negra house in the coastal town of Isla Negra, La Sebastiana in the picturesque port town of Valparaíso and La Chascona in Santiago de Chile. Enjoy the guided tours with audio.

chil travel tips

The organic winery Miraflores
Stimulate your tastebuds and tour the organic winery Miraflores in the Maipo valei. You get a lot of explanation and can taste the organic wines.

Valparaiso and the Pacific Coast
Valparaiso is located approximately 90 km west of Santiago de Chile. The city is built on hills and has a number of colourful neighbourhoods. Go on a nice day trip from Santiago Chile or stay on the coast for a few days.

The mystical Elqui valley
About 6 hours north of Santiago de Chile you will find the Elqui valley. It is the area of ​​the vineyards of the white pisco grapes and where the pisco is produced. Pisco is similar to an aguardiente. You can make a delicious sour with it. The Elqui Valley is dotted with many small traditional villages. It breathes a mystical atmosphere and is an excellent area for watching stars.

chile travel tips

A night at an Estancia
Estancia’s are often beautifully located sheep farms. In Patagonia, 2-3 hectares of land are needed to raise one sheep. This explains the vastness of most estancias. Spend a night on an estancia, experience huasco, or gaucho, life and enjoy a typical Patagonian lamb barbecue.

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Explore Aysen
This is the lake district south of Puerto Montt and this is really off the beaten track. The nature is incredibly beautiful, life goes by at a quiet pace, and local people are still very traditional. This is a special area to explore by rental car with the possibility to cross the border to Argentina and visit Bariloche, El Calafate and El Chalten.

Go to Easter Island *
Finish your stay in Chile with a visit to the special Easter Island. With a distance of almost 4,000 km from the mainland of Chile, this is the world’s most remote island. Here you will meet Rapa Nui culture and see the giant and mysterious Moai statues. The climate on the island is pleasant, life is calm and the fish is delicious. Enjoy a few days of culture and relaxation on this very special island.

Please note that flights to Easter Island are very scarce and it is best to book these as soon as possible to increase your chances of securing a flight during your trip.

chile travel tips

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