Responsible travel checklist

How to maximize your positive impact

Checklist for responsible travellers

As a traveller, there are many ways you can make sure the local population benefits from your visit. Positive impact travel is not just better for the locals, it’s a better experience for you and gives you the chance to do something for the people you meet along the way. Our travel experts use the following sustainability checklist when designing your ideal tailor-made trip with us – working together to make sustainable travel a reality!

  • Goal 1 – Support and promote local tourism initiatives
  • Goal 2 – Reduce CO2 emissions of our travel
  • Goal 3 – Protect, respect and travel single-use plastic-free 

Goal 1 – Support and promote local tourism initiatives

 Make use of homestays & small-scale accommodations
Make sure the money reaches local tax payers rather than international chains.

Include ‘Meet the Local’ activities in your travel plan
Get to know the local way of life and give back to the communities through your stay.

 Make use of local guides and drivers
Create employment opportunities for locals and give them a chance to earn a fair wage through tourism.

✓  Travel outside of the high season and visit more than just the highlights 
Prevent overtourism by travelling to lesser-known destinations and sights and by planning your visit outside of the high season. 


Goal 2 – Reduce CO2-emissions of your holiday

Book a direct flight
The majority of a flight’s emissions are produced at take off and landing. A direct flight to an overseas destination can save up to 50% in CO2 emissions.

Minimize in-destination flights and use trains or buses 
A (longer) in-destination train or bus ride is an experience of itself, not to mention a great way to get to know the locals and their way of life.

Travel for as long as possible… relax and really get to know a place when you travel far away
It’s better to travel less frequently and for longer periods of time when visiting far-away destinations.


Goal 3 – Protect, respect, and travel single-use plastic free

 Read our tips for plastic-free travel
Bring a refillable bottle and (if needed) a water filteration device on your travel and avoid buying single-use plastic water bottles.

 Make use of (free) water refill stations whenever possible
Refilling your reusable water bottle decreases single-use plastic.

 Avoid activities where animals live in captivities and there is no room for natural behaviour 
Elephant rides, swimming with dolphins and cuddling lion cubs are all examples of activities that don’t take into account animal wellbeing. Think about visiting a national park or a protected nature area instead!

Avoid activities where children are involved 
Visits to orphanages and other excursions that exploit children have not part in a (responsible) travel tour.



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