From the steamy jungle in the north to the icebergs of Patagonia in the south: Argentina’s nature is spectacular. A country of deserts, pampas, mountains and glaciers, bustling cities, a unique gaucho culture and lively indigenous villages. Gwendeline, our local travel expert in Argentina, shares her travel tips with experiences you don’t want to miss.

Road trip in Salta

I don’t have to think too long about my favourite regions; they’re Salta and Jujuy (located just to the north of Salta).
The nature here is fantastic, rugged and vibrant. You can discover tons of new places every day, one more beautiful than the other. The Salta-Cachi-Cafayate route is arguably the most beautiful, and perfectly suited to be discovered by (rental) car. Aside from the stunning nature, the area is well known for its vibrant indigenous culture and villages. If you’re after adventure, I can recommend going on a tour by four-wheel drive through the desolate highlands around Salta.

places to visit in argentina

Spend the night in an estancia surrounded by nature

There are some beautiful accommodations on offer in Argentina. In Patagonia you can choose from different estancias – for instance in the vicinity of El Calafate where you can spend the night next to the lake that is home to the famous Perito Moreno glacier. You experience first-hand life in a remote location. The estancias aren’t the cheapest places to spend the night, but it’s definitely worth including a stay in one of these unique lodges as part of your trip.

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Get off the beaten path

Argentina has many highlights that you’ll want to see. But it’s also definitely worth the effort to get off the beaten track and explore some of the country’s undiscovered gems. Of course you’ll want to sail the Beagle Channel and spot sea lions when you visit Tierra del Fuego. But it’s also a great spot for treks through nature that can make you feel like you’re approaching the end of the world. In Buenos Aires, you can visit a tango show, or choose to go out with locals and visit authentic tango dance schools, the milongas. These are unique experiences that will help you get to know Argentina even better.

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Snorkel with sea lions on Península Valdés

Península Valdés is a paradise for animal lovers. It’s a great place for spotting whales from June to December. You can admire them from a boat, but there is also the more adventurous option of kayaking. It’s a once in a lifetime experience being able to so close to these enormous animals. Península Valdés is also a great place for snorkelling with sea lions. These animals are very playful and curious, and snorkelling is a great way to get to know them.

places to visit in argentina

Places to visit in Argentina – Iguazú Falls

You can’t afford to miss Iguazu Falls. These waterfalls are located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, and are one of the seven natural wonders of the world. And for good reason – the waterfalls are grandiose both in terms of size and power. You can visit them on the Argentinian side and make a day trip to the Brazilian side. You can spend the night in beautiful jungle lodges, complete with swimming pools – giving you a chance to completely unwind. What better way to round off your trip through Argentina.

places to visit in argentina

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