When it comes down to nature, nothing beats Patagonia

Irina’s colleague was getting married in Buenos Aires, and Patagonia had been on her and her partner Jan Arend’s wish list for a long time. They decided to combine the wedding with their dream trip, exploring the stunning nature of southern Chile and Argentina.

Indescribable beauty

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Irina and Jan Arend like to organize their own trips, but their Patagonian adventure proved to be too complicated. “The wedding in Buenos Aires was in the middle of our three week holiday, which made our trip a bit of a logistical puzzle,” says Irina. “Every part of our trip had to be well planned and thought out. I looked at a few different offers before choosing Better Places. Gwendeline, the local travel expert in Argentina, brainstormed with us and communicated very clearly. Gwendeline gave us great advice on travel routes and excursions, and I really appreciated her input: she lives in the country and knows Argentina very well.”

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Scuba diving with sea lions

Irina and Jan Arend started their journey in Buenos Aires and then flew to Peninsula Valdés, located halfway down the Argentine coast. They rented a car, marvelled at the Punta Tombo penguins and went diving with sea lions at Punto Lobos. “Irina is a diving instructor, so this was top of our list. We had a fantastic guide who found sea lions for us, and we even got close enough to play with them. Very special.”

experiences argentina


Back in Buenos Aires, they went on a bike tour through the city and visited a tango school in the evening. “Gwendeline suggested the cycling tour, and it was a great way to discover the city,” says Irina. After the wedding, they flew to the southern-most point of South America: Ushuaia. They visited, among other things, a penguin colony, where they even spotted two king penguins and took a walk through the Tierra del Fuego National Park. With the M/V “Stella Australia” they then spent three days at Punto Arenas. “That was fantastic,” says Jan Arend enthusiastically. “First we sailed around Cape Horn and then we went into the fjords. Every day we went on land once or twice to walk around, look at glaciers or marvel at the penguins. And every morning we woke up to an indescribeable view from inside our luxury cabin.”

experiences Argentina

Altitude Torres del Paine

In Punta Arens they picked up their rental car and drove to Torres del Paine National Park, one of the highlights of the trip. “Our hike to the Torres was the most beautiful one of the trip, but also the toughest,” says Irina. “It was very windy, so the climb up was very tough, but the view of the Torres made it all worthwhile.” The second highlight was their next stop: glacier Perito Moreno. “We had seen pictures of course before the climb, but when I saw the glacier I was speechless. It’s so impressive, it can’t be captured on film.”

Smooth sailing

Jan Arend and Irina are experienced travellers, but the trip through Patagonia stands out for them. “Everything worked really well,” says Irina. “Logistics were a challenge, but Gwendeline handled it perfectly. The journey was meticulously organized, since we wanted to see and do so much in a relatively short time frame. But there was also enough time to relax in between, so we never felt like we had to rush.” Jan Arend: “I would recommend Patagonia to anyone. The nature is so stunningly rugged and Torres del Paine alone is worth the trip. It’s so beautiful, you can’t even imagine.”


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