Why Europe?

A European long distance tour operator offering trips in Europe. As strange as it may sound, that’s exactly what Better Places has decided to do. You don’t have to fly to the other side of the world for unique experiences and unforgettable encounters. Our new destinations show that even the most seasoned traveller can still be surprised by Europe. And the great thing is – you don’t need to fly to get there.

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Meeting locals closer to home

Our travellers are always looking for unique experiences and contact with locals. We’re able to offer this also in our new destinations. The first countries in Europe to be added to the Better Places’ destination list are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldovia, Kosovo, Romania and Montenegro. We’ve consciously chosen lesser-known destinations, where there is still so much to discover. Just like with our long-distance destinations, our local travel experts help you design your ideal, complete travel experience. This way both you, the travellers, and the locals, profit the most from your trip.

Travel with a positive impact

Making sure that locals benefit directly from tourism is important all around the world –  and not just in long-haul destinations. Even in Europe you can make a difference as a traveller. Just like with our long-distance destinations, a focus on nature and meeting the locals is at the core of all our trips. Our European local experts are able to recommend the best small-scale hotels and homestays, and will make sure to introduce you to the local peoples and cultures. Get a tour from a local wine maker in Montenegro; go on a wood carving course in Moldovia, or learn to cook like the locals do in Romania. Better Places has also decided to focus on European trips outside of the high season in an effort to  combat overtourism.”

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Europe as a main holiday

For Western European travellers, there is a temptation to make a big trip outside of Europe each year. But we all know flying is bad for the environment. With our new destinations we want to show that Europe has enough to offer to  be considered a main annual holiday destination. If you’re after the perfect mix of nature and culture, the new Better Places’ destinations offer plenty to keep you entertained during a 2-3 week holiday. Albania is home to countless age-old traditions, Moldovia has the biggest underground wine city and Montenegro the largest fjords in Europe outside of Norway.

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Travel by train

All new destinations can be reached by train from western Europe, and Better Places is keen to tell you how. You can find many examples of possible routes on the website, which also suggest handy stops along the way. Check out our website for more information, or get in touch with Green Tickets App to map out your journey.

Saskia Griep

Saskia Griep

Founder Better Places Travel

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