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Yah Mon! My name is Ellen, and I am your local travel expert in Jamaica. In 1991, I moved from the Netherlands to Jamaica. My childhood dream came true when I found a job in tourism as a tour guide. After all these years, I am still discovering new places on this magical island. Of course you will be able to visit the well-known attractions, but I always provide a creative twist to the itinerary and make sure you experience an unique adventure. I stand for small-scale tourism where you get the opportunity to experience Jamaica in a way that nobody else offers. I work with local partners with the aim of supporting the local economy. I strongly believe in “community tourism”, supporting and generating small communities, giving everyone a chance to be part of something beautiful.

“There is no better way to get to know this island than by getting to know the locals and getting carried away by the local vibes. Jamaica has much more to offer than sun, rum and reggae. “

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